Physical Preparation
in Padel

In the first place our methodology in Physical Preparation in Padel is based on maximizing the strengths of each player. Equally taking advantage of such qualities on and off the court. In addition to training and teaching young people, at World Enjoyer we have a variety of tailored Padel programs for adults adapted and customized according to different levels.

We provide a personalized plan with objectives for all our students

First, we must emphasize that the many aspects of Padel have evolved greatly in recent years. A very important aspect has been the transformation of physical and mental preparation in Padel. Since its growing importance in training, and, in particular, the training of players from an early age.

Second, the World Enjoyer methodology in this area is aimed at the development of basic physical skills: stamina, speed, power, flexibility and the physical demands placed upon the upper and lower body.

Third, in Padel it is very important to work on muscular development and conditioning. Consequently we focus on students individually. To sum up we provide a personalized plan with objectives for all our students. We understand that each player has their own physical characteristics.

Injury prevention is a very important aspect of the programming of World Enjoyer Padel camps. Hence Padel is a dynamic and demanding sport that can put a great strain on muscles and joints. For this reason we work preventive training, which tries to minimize these risks. It is based on the following aspects: joint mobility exercises, stretching to relieve tension, strengthening the stabilizing muscles of the different joints.

At World Enjoyer we work closely on developing the correct coordination to achieve muscle balance for support and movement, changes in speed and direction, and efficient footwork. These aspects are worked on in an integrated way on the court and in the physical preparation sessions. For this reason our exercises are built around the real game.

Physical Preparation
in Padel


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