Technical Training
in Padel

The World Enjoyer’s methodology Technical Training in Padel has been developed thanks to a union of professionals. Including international coaches, the world’s best players and multidisciplinary specialists in the world of sports. In particular physical trainers, physiotherapists and nutritionists. This methodology has been thoroughly elaborated in all programs, both junior and adult. In order to improve the technique, tactics, physical preparation, mental training and nutrition.

we focus on physical and mental preparation which are clearly evident on the professional circuit

All World Enjoyer professionals have developed a Technical Training in Padel system that applies to all Padel camps we organize. In spite of a system that is constantly updated according to the evolution of Padel at the professional level. Moreover the evolution of the different training methods. In particular, we focus on physical and mental preparation. Because of the importance on the professional circuit as players now demonstrate greater levels of strength, speed, agility and concentration.

At World Enjoyer we are able to bring these systems and methods to all our students. This is due to the excellent training tools that we are continually collecting from the world’s best players and coaches.

With the use of new technologies and statistical trends, we can see clearly that the sport of Padel is changing. In fact is progressively moving towards a faster form of play. Where players try to generate more pressure and give opponents less time. Important to realize these details make a huge difference in the subsequent development of the rallies. As a result modern players have to be prepared to make instant decisions and reactions.

At World Enjoyer, our methodology to improve the technical part of the game is based on:

– Swing analysis.
– Improving basic shot-making and shot selection.
– Improving accuracy and reducing errors.
– Training to develop consistency.
-Providing students with knowledge and awareness of different squash shots.
– Developing a student’s strong points to make significant and rapid improvements.

Therefore at each Padel camp we devise Padel technical training sessions aimed in this regard. We understand that development of an effective Padel game requires many aspects of physical and mental ability. So for each training session we agree on the percentage of time to be devoted to each of the key aspects of the game – technical, strategic, physical, mental – to enable our players to play efficiently and effectively.

Technical Training in Padel


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