Coaching Team

Coaching Team

Tino Casas

World Enjoyer CEO

As the CEO and founder of World Enjoyer in 2003, Tino has organized more than 275 camps in 15 countries. Equally important Tino’s other credentials include Spanish National Coach 2006-2015. Especially passionate about sports, he loves organizing events and goes out of his way to improve every aspect of his student’s approach to the game.

After all Tino has organized camps for more than 1500 players from 40 countries. In any event his goals are to continue improving as a professional and to provide the best padel camps available.

David Antolín

David has been a World Enjoyer coach since 2015. Must be remembered as a determined professional who has trained more than 200 players in our Padel camps. Currently a World Padel Tour, David brings extensive knowledge, lots of technical quality, and a great attitude to his coaching and training sessions. Therefore he is a special character at World Enjoyer.

David Caballero

David Caballero, has a coach title for 12 years and he’s is a padel purist: Technique and tactics are his strengths. His sessions leave no doubt: he has the padel in his blood. David has a great commitment to learners and this added value of his mission makes all players participating, want to repeat the experience.

Neill Mc Carron

International trainer with more than 10 years of experience with our campuses.

Marta González

Professional padel player and padel coach with international and underage experience.

Daniel Santos

Professional junior padel coach.

Javier Mato

Professional trainer for both adults and children.

Nacho John

Former professional player and professional coach for both adults and juniors.

Víctor Santos

Víctor Santos, is an expert coach in training for professional players thanks to his knowledge of padel and physical preparation. Victor is an experienced coach in the international scene and sports groups. His energy never ends thanks to his passion for padel.

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Coaching Team


Patricia Llaguno (Spain). Ranking: Nº 10 in the world.

Juan Mieres (Spain). Ranking: Nº 11 in the world.

Ramiro Moyano (Argentina). Ranking: Nº 25 in the world.


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