Padel Camps

Padel Camps

At World Enjoyer we organize camps in different formats in up to 15 countries. Since 2003 we have organized more than 260 camps worldwide.

Until now World Enjoyer puts added value to its Padel Camps with the participation of professional and international players. These players are of a very high level and share their experience and training methods.

We give the maximum so that our students can improve as much as possible. Because of this they can learn a methodology, and then put it into practice and have a very positive experience. Due to the structure of our Camps, every year we offer new programs to our customers. As a result we can implement our Padel training methodology to give the best to the people who trust us.

After all we are passionate about both the Padel training and the organization of our camps. In a word, we customize all the Padel Camps for the client so that they have an excellent experience at the best price. Obviously, for us, customer service is very important.

As shown above our Camps offer you comprehensive and personalized attention with specialized technical training, quality physical preparation, video viewing sessions, tactical training and mental preparation. All this is carried out by professional trainers.

To sum up, now you just have to choose your format, the date and location, and be carried away by our team!

Padel Camp Formats

Summer Padel Camps

Weekend Padel Camps

Five-day Padel Camp

Premium Padel Camp

Summer Camps

World Enjoyer exclusively presents Summer Padel Camps in Spain for boys and girls up to 19 years old. In essence they are designed to have a summer full of amazing experiences and improve their Padel with our methodology. Definitely in our Summer Camps in Spain we aim to provide a very enjoyable and rewarding experience through our excellent Padel training methods, and by coexisting with others doing recreational and socio-cultural sports and activities. In addition we also offer our students language programs to improve Spanish and English.

On our junior Summer Camps the students receive: morning and afternoon training with specialized trainers, physical preparation, seminars, psychology talks, stretching sessions and injury prevention. To put it another way, these camps provide customized training which we believe is essential for juniors.

Additionally we offer a university residence during the Summer Padel Camps for all our students with full board at the best price. The participation of youngsters from several countries produces a cultural integration that is very beneficial for everyone. Not to mention coaches take care of the camps 24 hours a day. And also there is the possibility of making transfers to airports and other means of transport.

We also offer Summer Camps for adults. We offer different kinds of accommodation for six nights along with six days of training. Coupled with technical, tactical, physical and mental training. We give you our best including tourist activities and gastronomical experiences.


Weekend Camps

At World Enjoyer we organize Weekend Padel Camps in different cities. This camp format is very successful because it is compatible with working people. The Weekend Camps start on Friday afternoon and end on Sunday. Our students can travel on Friday morning and leave on Sunday afternoon. This Weekend Padel Camp format has many options and locations. In other words we guarantee a good number of hours of padel per course per person. Additionally we offer the possibility to train in the best padel clubs, well-located and with accommodation for different budgets. They are high-quality Weekend Camps in an unbeatable environment and with the possibility of enjoying some local tourist attractions. Definitely at World Enjoyer, we always have some great surprises for our students in the Weekend Padel Camps.


Five-day Camps

At World Enjoyer we have a Five-day Padel Camp format that our customers like very much. In the Five-day Camps (4 nights) we offer a very complete and personalized program in locations that will surprise you. All in all you will live a unique experience. This will help you improve and make a qualitative leap in your Padel level. For five days you will enjoy: technical morning sessions, dynamic afternoon sessions with coach games, fitness sessions, video analysis and many more training activities that we prepare. During the Five-day Padel Camps we also plan tourist activities and gastronomic experiences.

Live a unique sports experience

Premium Camps

World Enjoyer organizes one Premium Padel Camp every year. It is a five-day format in a very specific location where we enjoy Padel training with international players. The Premium Camp is exclusively for players who have already attended a minimum number of World Enjoyer Padel Camps. In conclusion it is our loyalty award. We offer incredible prices with exclusive quality and limited places in an event that we will surely surprise all participants. We have prepared a series of novelties to give you the best Padel experience of your life. Do you dare take a chance to trust us on this?

An exclusive event with limited places

More than 500 students.
More than 250 camps.

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