Tactical Training
in Padel

At World Enjoyer we have a defined Technical and Tactical Training in Padel. Our structured work methodology is adapted for the present and has supported us since 2003. We are demanding in our training with the core values ​​that we believe are most important: sacrifice, perseverance, commitment, effort. With the juniors, in particular, we work in-depth to manage emotions and expectations along with instilling a sense of humility to achieve personal and professional excellence.

we develop a clear game plan with effective patterns of play and strategies

At World Enjoyer we understand that tactical training in Padel can contribute to the development of a match either in a positive or negative way. From our experience, having the knowledge in this area to develop a clear game plan with effective patterns of play and strategies can turn a player into a winner.

Our methodology reviews pre-match planning and preparation in competitive Padel. We develop several game strategies individually for our students and believe it is very important to know how to find the mechanisms and game patterns to turn a game when things are not going as planned. At World Enjoyer we have our students do evaluations after their matches to identify the areas for improvement.

New technologies also help us in this regard to recognize the tactical parts in a game.

At World Enjoyer we organize different types of competitions where our coaches work on improving the tactical aspect of squash. We teach our students the appropriate time to press and attack and when they need to defend, as well as how to finish points decisively while minimizing risks. All this aspects will be worked with your partner. We will take care the sports relationship with your partner.

Tactical Training
in Padel


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