Padel Junior Summer stage 2022 Palencia (Spain)

Padel Junior Summer Stage. Introduction.

Padel Junior summer stage will be our 19th edition in Palencia during summer 2022.

Palencia Junior padel Camp 2022 is an international event, with players from different countries. You can improve your padel level in a highly personalized quality padel course while spending a great time in Spain.

Since 2003 we have been able to organize numerous padel camps around the world and for us, it will be a pleasure to be able to count on you in this very important event.

We will work with our students the technique through our methodology, the tactical, mental and movement on the court through exercises that will make you improve a lot and quickly.

Mission and values.

Location: Palencia.

Palencia lies in the north of the central Spanish plateau, the Meseta Central, in the middle of the Carrión river valley. Palencia is located approximately 190 km north of Madrid, and some 40 km north of Valladolid, capital of Castile and León.


From 3rd July until 9th July 2022.

Coaching team.

Accommodation – Full Board – Sports facilities.

We have 2 padel clubs with 9 indoor padel courts, a university residence 5 minutes away in our own bus. The Camp includes a full board.

Format camp and Padel Camp Schedule:

This is a provisional schedule where you can see the daily plan every day in the camp. The players will enjoy a lot the sports sessions during their unique experience.

  • 8.15 Breakfast.
  • 9.30 Physical Preparation.
  • 10.30 Padel Session. Technical work on the court. Improve your skills, movements, and accuracy on the padel court.
  • 12.30 Pool.
  • 1.30 Eat & Relax.
  • 4.00 Tactical game exercises. Matches between players and coaches.
  • 6.00 Seminar.
  • 7.30 Activity.
  • 8.30 Dinner.

In this camp, we will give you completed feedback during the camp, consequently, we will provide a professional analysis for your future improvement.

Objectives Padel summer camp.

Train and improve your padel in an international environment in the summer.

Receive high-quality instruction from our experienced international coaching team.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience in a very nice environment. The program will cover all aspects of player development including technique, tactics, movement and physical training.

Receive training and matches from our professional staff. Contact us for details of the camp!

Information, prices and bookings.

Telephone: +34 637 444 869


Payment will be made by bank transfer. Book early and get a discount.

Registration before May 1, 2022: 530€. (New registrations) – 490€ (Previous customers)

Registration after May 1, 2022: 560€. (New registrations) – 530€ (Previous customers)

This price includes:

  • Two and a half hours of daily dynamic training (Except on the day of entry). Personalized padel lessons.
  • Match with another club in the area. Conditioned matches will be held 1 hour daily of physical preparation for padel players.
  • Theoretical training related to sport and padel. Video analysis of the players.
  • Personalized sessions on the court by Top World players.
  • Free pool sessions.
  • Participation in a tournament.
  • Matches against coaches.
  • Activities.
  • Full board accommodation (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).
  • Camp insurance.
  • Feedback and report.

July 3 @ 16:00 — July 9 @ 14:00
16:00 — 14:00 (141h 59′)